To keep my Designer. Maker. Builder. blog running, there are many inherent costs involved. The website, domain, and hosting fees as well as blog content, writing and project detailing is just one set of costs.

Shop tools, supplies, video equipment and so forth all cost money to purchase and to maintain. By supporting me, you’ll be supporting ongoing projects and content creation here on my website!

Here are a few of the ways you can help me to continue providing more projects and content while keeping things interesting!


Go Fund Me

‘Go Fund Me’ is a third-party platform set up to help fund a specific project. My current goal is to purchase a CNC mill for the workshop which will increase productivity and expand my creative process. If I can raise enough to procure the CNC mill, my goal is to create smaller projects to donate to local charities, such as toys for children and pieces for local fundraisers.


Amazon Store

When you make purchases on the Amazon store by way of my affiliate button below or on this website, Amazon sends me a small commission. This does not cost you any more than you would normally pay by visiting Amazon directly. However, it does help me out as those funds will be applied to tools and ongoing expenses for projects and website management.


If you would like to make a direct donation to help support content, tools and new creative projects on this site, you can send it either as a one-time donation or a recurring donation. I am extremely grateful for any contribution and will use all funding to support new projects and blog content as well as to create pieces I will donate to local charities and fundraisers.